Born Crooked (ebook)


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The Pinkerton Detective Agency, it was said, would “follow even the slightest clues for years, and, almost without exception” would find a criminal and bring him to justice.

Born Crooked is the true story of the nineteenth-century forgers —“the most expert band of criminals at that line of work known to the authorities”—who gave the newly emerging Pinkerton Agency a run for its money. You’ll learn what sent these men back to a life of crime over and over, how law enforcement continued to stay on their trail, and how Robert and William Pinkerton, the famous brothers who ran the Pinkerton Agency during the late 1800s, finally brought them down for good.

History is above all else a good story. In Born Crooked, Kim Wittel tells a very good story in a captivating style. Both the heroes and the villains come to life. You’ll be amazed at the importance of the Pinkerton Detective Agency in America as our country emerges as a world power in the early 20th century. Lovers of mysteries and lovers of history will find this book to be a gem.”

—Dr. Dennis Denenberg, author of 50 American Heroes Every Kid Should Meet



published by Second Lock Press in November 2017

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Ebook. You will receive a zip drive containing three formats: .epub, .mobi, and .pdf.


978-194-50281-0-6 (paperback)